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High-Performance HVAC Can Reduce Energy Use in Commercial Buildings by Over 40 Percent


Dedicated outside air systems (DOAS) apply the concept of separating heating and cooling from the ventilation system, which allows for optimal control of each of these critical building functions. A very high efficiency DOAS (also referred to as VHE DOAS) improves this concept by focusing on efficiency and pairing a high-performance heating and cooling system, such as a heat pump or VRF, with a very high efficiency heat recovery ventilator (HRV) or energy recovery ventilator (ERV).

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Pacific Tower Installs Luminaire Level Lighting Controls

Case Study

Seattle’s Pacific Tower was an iconic building with a big facility maintenance challenge: its older systems were inefficient and falling short in meeting occupants’ expectations. After the Washington Department of Commerce signed a 30-year lease to take over Pacific Tower, the team wanted to implement bold system upgrades and energy conservation measures to bring the building into the modern era and provide a better lighting experience for occupants.

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