A commercial resource of the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, BetterBricks helps Northwest building professionals gain a competitive edge in the market. Whether you design, build, manage, and operate commercial buildings, BetterBricks partners with Northwest utilities to provide the resources and tools you need to incorporate energy efficiency, and its many benefits, into your buildings and business practices.

The why is easy.

Energy efficiency makes sense. You already know the reasons. Energy efficient buildings do more with less: more comfortable occupants, less facility maintenance calls. More resilient systems, less wear and tear. More money in the bank, less spent on energy bills. More sustainability, less impact on the planet. You know the why.

The bigger question is: HOW?

How do you keep your systems running at top form? How do you learn about new high performing technologies? How can you improve your building without breaking the bank?

BetterBricks is here to help you incorporate energy efficiency into your business and design. It starts by understanding your building and making a plan. BetterBricks can connect you with trusted experts at your utility or get you started with resources, case studies and tools.

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