About BetterBricks

A commercial resource of Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance, BetterBricks helps Northwest building professionals gain a competitive edge in the market. Whether you design, build, manage, and operate commercial buildings, BetterBricks partners with Northwest utilities to provide the resources and tools you need to incorporate energy efficiency, and its many benefits, into your buildings and business practices.

BetterBricks is a commercial resource provided in partnership with Northwest utilities and energy efficiency organizations.

Better buildings are better business

There are many expenses that building professionals can’t control, but energy isn’t one of them. As the amount of energy your building uses can have a profound impact on its market position, operation, and maintenance costs, holistic energy efficiency is not a luxury for building professionals—it’s a necessity.

In partnership with Northwest utilities and energy efficiency organizations, BetterBricks provides thought leadership, case studies, and tools to equip Northwest building professionals with the knowledge and skills needed to adopt energy efficiency best practices. For industry leaders and for those just starting to learn the benefits of efficiency, this support keeps individual businesses more competitive in a crowded market and strengthens the entire region by reducing Northwest energy demands and carbon output.

BetterBricks provides the resources and tools you need to incorporate energy efficiency, and its many benefits, into your buildings and business practices.

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The Benefits of Energy Efficiency 

Energy efficiency best practices deliver immediate bottom-line results for commercial buildings, while adding value in ways that may surprise you.

Financial Benefits

  • Improve asset value
  • Reduce energy use by 50% in new construction projects and up to 35% in existing properties
  • Mitigate the potential risks of equipment failure and downtime
  • Lower operations and maintenance expenses
  • Increase tenant comfort and satisfaction
  • Improve tenant attraction and retention
  • Increase lease value and attract premium tenants
  • Provide property differentiation in the market
  • Signal the strength of your management team to investors and clients

Benefits to the Community and the Environment

  • Reduce pollution and emissions generated by energy production
  • Create positive public relations and marketing for your company
  • Demonstrate shared community values to the public and elected officials

Tenant Benefits

  • Increase productivity, reduce absenteeism, raise morale, and lower turnover
  • Iimproved comfort and indoor air quality
  • Improved aesthetics 

Leadership Opportunity

  • Cultivate a reputation of innovation
  • Produce a legacy of achievement
  • Enhance your career through visible leadership

Utility Incentives 

Many Northwest utilities offer financial incentives for qualifying energy-saving improvements to existing commercial buildings and new construction.   

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