Holistic Commercial Lighting Solutions

Understanding advanced lighting techniques and technologies for commercial buildings can have a profound impact on your budget, market differentiation, building aesthetics, tenant comfort and more. Find a host of advanced lighting solutions for your business including educational resources, training opportunities and qualified contractors.


LED is a highly energy efficient lighting technology that lasts longer, is more durable and offers equal or better light quality than florescent lighting.

Luminaire Level Lighting Controls

LLLCs combine LEDs, controls, connectivity and data for a flexible lighting product that can improve comfort and space utilization.

Low Wattage Lamps

Low wattage T8 lamps are equivalent in price to 32 watt T8s, but reduce lifetime costs by up to 23% and consume less energy, without sacrificing light quality.

Which lighting system is right for you?

LED lighting systems are changing the way we light our indoor and outdoor spaces. Use our comparison tools to determine which lighting system best fits your needs.



Hire a NXT Level Designated Contractor

NXT Level is the most comprehensive lighting training in the Northwest for lighting contractors, designers, installers and others working on commercial or industrial retrofits.

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The Empire State Strikes Back


In 2009, owners of one of New York City great architectural landmarks, the Empire State Building embarked on a renovation to reduce the skyscraper energy use by more than one-third by 2013.

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