Integrated Design for High Performance Buildings

Holistic Building Efficiency

By learning how every aspect of your building works together, you’ll be able to incorporate holistic efficiency into your next commercial project. Use these resources to help you look at your commercial renovation or new construction project to save you or your client energy, time and money. 

Integrated design improves the energy performance of buildings. The conventional definition of integrated design is that project team members from all disciplines work together early and often throughout the project design process. The enhanced definition presented here includes what goes on when the design team gets together - the synthesis of climate, use, building design and systems.

Featured Resources

A Silver Bullitt for High Performance Buildings

Case Study

The Bullitt Center is an ambitious experiment to create a new paradigm for 21st century buildings.

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Simulation on Demand for Deep Energy Retrofits


As a building ages, its components require replacement or retrofitting. Instead of upgrading one component at a time, combining energy efficiency measures in an integrated fashion can yield far greater savings.

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