Better comfort and energy costs start with the right HVAC. Understand how heating, cooling and airflow all directly contribute to the energy efficiency and tenant comfort of your commercial building.

Quick Jumps

  • Very High Efficiency Dedicated Outside Air Systems

    It’s rare for a solution to reduce costs and improve quality, but the very high efficiency dedicated outside air system (DOAS) does both by separating heating and cooling from the ventilation system. The DOAS can reduce commercial building energy use by an average of 36%, and saves roof space and ductwork, all while delivering 100% filtered outside air for maximum tenant comfort.

  • Condensing Gas Rooftop Units

    Condensing gas rooftop units (C-RTU) are becoming more available and popular for commercial buildings where high efficiency and lower operating costs are attractive benefits. C-RTUs provide a big upgrade over traditional gas furnaces providing 10-15% higher heating efficiency and up to 11.5% reduction in gas energy usage.

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