Energy Efficiency Analysis of Commercial DX-DOAS and ERV/HRV DOAS

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This report summarizes the findings of a study conducted by Red Car Analytics on behalf of the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance (NEEA) to determine the potential for direct-expansion air conditioning dedicated outdoor air systems (DX-DOAS) products in commercial buildings.

The report further includes:

  • Observations in industry definitions of DOAS and DX-DOAS,
  • Current DX-DOAS products available on the market,
  • Characteristics of how DX-DOAS products condition ventilation air,
  • A review of product costs from sample sites with different DOAS units,
  • An energy efficiency assessment of decoupled vs. coupled DOAS,
  • An energy assessment of DX-DOAS and a Washington state code minimum ERV/HRV-DOAS, and
  • Key findings for the Pacific Northwest region.
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