Energy Management Assessment Tools Inform SEM Actions with Insight

Energy Management Assessment Tools Inform SEM Actions with Insight

Successful SEM implementation elevates an organization’s practices, policies and processes to embed persistent energy savings within the day-to-day operations of a commercial building. Despite the proven benefits of this approach, many building operators struggle to decide which steps to take first on their path to SEM. To equip organizations with an in-depth understanding of the ways in which their building components and occupants impact energy use, organizations in the SEM community have developed free energy management assessment (EMA) tools to help building operators understand their current energy practices and identify first-step and long-term actions for improvement. With this insight, building operators can implement an ongoing and cost-effective energy management program that entrenches energy efficiency into their daily business practices.

Below are three EMA tools available for any organization to use for free—and confidentially—to understand their building’s current energy use and identify specific areas of opportunity.


Available on the Northwest Energy Efficiency Alliance’s (NEEA’s) SEMHub website, this tool provides a strategic analysis of an organization’s current practices and the ways in which improvements can be made. In addition to helping set the stage for a comprehensive energy management program, NEEA’s EMA Tool provides valuable insight by helping an organization compare their own business practices against those of their peers.

Access NEEA’s EMA Tool >

U.S. DOE’s 50001 Ready Navigator

The U.S. Department of Energy’s (DOE’s) 50001 Ready initiative recognizes organizations that successfully implement an ISO-50001-based SEM system. To help organizations get started, the U.S. DOE offers a 50001 Ready Navigator to provide easy and free online guidance for starting and maintaining a compliant and successful SEM system.

Access U.S. DOE’s 50001 Ready Navigator >

Coefficient Consulting’s EMA Tool

Using NEEA’s and U.S. DOE’s EMA tools as a foundation, Coefficient Consulting customized their own EMA Tool that takes a human-centric approach to fostering meaningful upfront conversations among building operators, stakeholders and occupants. By helping organizations focus on what truly matters to them, Coefficient Consulting’s EMA Tool is designed to allow organizations to choose their own unique SEM journey without spending time on issues that don’t align with their interests.

Access Coefficient Consulting’s EMA Tool >

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