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Spark is a free, online interactive tool for leased commercial office buildings considering a building renewal project targeting 35% or more energy savings. Spark is an early assessment tool, which quickly estimates total project costs and financial benefits of an “integrated package” of efficiency measures.

Spark provides a customized, step-by-step plan to help you reduce your commercial building’s energy use by 35%. Spark uses the building renewal strategy to assesses a building's integrated systems and achieve a targeted return on investment. Building renewal can increase a building's asset value through increased tenant comfort, higher rents, lower tenant turn-over, lower energy costs, and savings on operation and maintenance.  The Spark Tool can help you decide if a building renewal strategy is right for your commercial building before you invest time and money for an energy audit. This powerful, free tool is customized to your building and financial position. Spark creates a customized report identifying a set of integrated measures to reposition the building. Spark assesses the business case for renewal by providing project cost estimates and allowing the user to adjust for a targeted retu

About Spark Tool

Spark is unique in that it provides a powerful preliminary overview of the integrated project costs and financial benefits of a deep energy retrofit. It lays out a roadmap of measures and a business case for future improvements. Learn more about building renewal and use Spark to create your customized report.

Recorded webinar

Need help getting started with Spark? This webinar provides a step-by-step overview on entering your data, comparing scenarios, and printing your report.

After using Spark to identify an integrated measure package for your building, you will need to think about how to fund your project. There are many ways to fund your project and improve your building's asset value. This Financing Primer offers a simple roadmap for the financing available.

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Spark Tool


Spark is a free, online interactive tool for leased commercial office buildings considering a building renewal project targeting 35% or more energy savings. Spark is an early assessment tool, which quickly estimates total project costs and financial benefits of an “integrated package” of efficiency measures.

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Spark Tool: A Personalized Business Case to Present to Ownership


Quickly and easily estimate the costs and savings for a large, complex energy retrofit project at your building

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