Top 5 reasons to (cost-effectively) customize your next lighting re-design or retrofit


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A one-size-fits-all approach works for very few things in life, lighting and control systems included. The options currently available in lighting techniques and technologies are as varied as the wide array of tasks we complete within commercial spaces. While some lighting contractors will offer the same lighting recommendations every time, regardless of your building usage, layout or occupancy rates, the most advanced lighting contractors can work within your budget to provide tailored recommendations to maximize aesthetic quality, occupant comfort and productivity. Taking a customized approach to your next lighting re-design or retrofit offers wide-ranging benefits, starting with the five highlighted below.

1. Enhance occupant health and productivity

Before beginning a lighting re-design or retrofit, the most advanced lighting contractors will consider the type of work completed in the space. For example, employees working on production-focused tasks require higher light levels and control options than those required in common areas like lobbies and restrooms. Advanced lighting contractors will also consider the age of the people using the space. A 50-year old, for example, requires higher lighting levels than a 25-year old performing the same task. Multiple studies have shown that when lighting is designed to foster comfortable environments for the occupants and the tasks they undertake, occupants become healthier and more productive. Customized lighting also means increased occupant satisfaction and, therefore, reduced occupant turnover.

2. Increase property value

Think of your next lighting retrofit or re-design as an investment instead of an upgrade. Often, choosing the lowest-cost option or easiest solution will seem like a good idea because of the low initial price tag, but these decisions can lead to higher energy costs, an increased maintenance burden and a less-than-stellar aesthetic environment. By customizing the lighting to fit the space and its intended use, advanced lighting contractors can design attractive, efficient and low-maintenance spaces that increase the value, and resale value, of your facility.

3. Save energy and reduce energy bills

Customized lighting approaches apply LED and controls technologies that enable your light fixtures to do much more than just illuminate the space. For example, wireless sensors embedded in each fixture, known as Luminaire Level Lighting Controls (LLLC), can save energy by turning off lights when the space is empty, and dimming them down when there is ample natural daylight coming in. These sensors can make an even bigger dent in the overall energy use of the space by tracking occupancy and room temperature to safely adjust HVAC systems.

4. Earn utility rebates

In most cases, when you customize your lighting system and incorporate lighting controls, the incentive levels from your local utility can increase dramatically over what is offered for a simple retrofit. These rebates can help offset the initial higher cost of a customized lighting design. And the ROI increases significantly when you add in the resulting energy savings and reduced maintenance burden. Be sure to work with an experienced lighting professional who understands the utility rebates available in your area.

5. Reduce the maintenance burden

As the market continues its shift to LEDs, outdated and labor-intensive lighting like fluorescent and HID lamps and ballasts are getting harder to find and more expensive to purchase. Advanced lighting contractors can help you find a customized approach that fits your budget and your occupant’s needs using LED systems and controls that are designed to last. The latest LED technology includes more durable fixtures and bulbs that last longer and require less maintenance, which helps to free up maintenance staff so they can focus on more important projects than replacing bulbs.

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Customized Lighting vs. One-Size-Fits-All

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