Video: The Basics of the Fan Energy Index from AMCA


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FEI Greater Optimization (AMCA)

Check out this quick video from Air Movement and Control Association International to learn the critical issues commercial and industrial air systems face and the purpose of this important metric for determining fan efficiency.

“The Fan Energy Index (FEI) from AMCA is great indicator of fan system performance, and can be used to select more efficient fans that will help save your organization money and reduce the amount of energy it uses.” – Kristen Aramthanapon, Sr. Product Manager, Motor-Driven Systems, NEEA.

In this video, you’ll also learn:

  • Why FEI is more accurate than the Fan Efficiency Grade metric
  • What engineers can expect from products with the highest FEI
  • Why FEI was added to the Department of Energy EnergyPlus software and Fan Assessment Tool for industrial energy audits

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