The Next Generation of Efficient Lighting for Schools


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LLLCs and Schools

  • Enhance learning conditions with lighting that improves visibility and adapts to student needs
  • Easily create the ideal lighting environment at any time of day, with energizing cool light in the morning and calming warm light later
  • Enable real-time tracking of building assets for increased safety, security and efficiency

Why Choose LLLCs?

  1. Easy Installation and Use: Products include integrated sensors and controls for out-of-the-box set-up, while retrofit kits simplify installation for buildings with linear fluorescent fixtures. Many products allow remote commissioning and control through an app or tablet.
  2. Long-Term Flexibility: Fixtures with LLLCs are adaptable for changes in space usage, reduce the cost of change-over to new tenants. Simply re-group to the new lighting layout and adjust settings for new tenants.
  3. Energy Cost Savings: LLLCs use 25 to 70 percent less energy than non-controlled fixtures, reducing operating costs.
  4. Better Occupant Experience: The right amount of light provides staff with a better work environment, increasing efficiency and happiness.
  5. Additional Benefits: Some systems are more comprehensive and enable valuable benefits such as asset tracking, space utilization, enhancements to safety systems and much more.

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