Luminaire Level Lighting Controls Toolkit


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This resource page is for NEEA members and program partners to assist with promoting the benefits of luminaire level lighting controls. Marketing and educational resources include:
  • Customizable marketing materials with PDF and InDesign files
  • Expert interviews with PDF and video files
  • Educational resources on networked lighting controls developed with Seattle's Lighting Design Lab
  • The Benefits of Luminaire Level Lighting Controls video series, including an 8-minute overview and four 2-minute, topic-specific demonstrations

Customizable Marketing Collateral

  • Luminaire Level Lighting Controls Overview
    High level benefits of LLLCs and why they are the next generation of efficient lighting
  • Luminaire Level Lighting Controls FAQ
    Detailed description of what LLLCs are and why they are the future of commercial lighting solutions. Contains examples of LLLC systems and details about when LLLC systems are the right fit
  • Luminaire Level Lighting Controls Infographic
    Visual representation of LLLCs that details various benefits and applications
  • Luminaire Level Lighting Controls for Hospitals
    Describes the benefits of LLLC systems in hospitals
  • Luminaire Level Lighting Controls for Schools
    Describes the benefits of LLLC systems in schools
  • Luminaire Level Lighting Controls for Offices
    Describes the benefits of LLLC systems in office buildings

Please contact Carolyn Vanwinkle if you need assistance customizing these materials.

Expert Interviews
A series of interviews about the future of the industry and the benefits of LLLCs with regional lighting experts, including PDFs and a video (available for customization).
Educational Resources

Networked Lighting Controls Series (developed in coordination with Lighting Design Lab): View and download

Networked Lighting Controls Series: Control Tech Terms

Networked Lighting Controls Series: Primary Control Strategies

Networked Lighting Controls Series: Sequence of Operations

Networked Lighting Controls Series: Wall Station Interfaces

Networked Lighting Controls Series: Communicating the Value Proposition

Networked Lighting Controls Series: Emerging Tech Trends

The Benefits of Luminaire Level Lighting Controls: Educational video series

Below are four short clips that feature specific LLLC benefits covered in the 8 minute overview video above.

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