A Proven Approach to High-Performance HVAC Improves Efficiency, Health and Comfort

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Very high efficiency dedicated outside air systems (very high efficiency DOAS) pair the highest performance HVAC equipment with key design principles to provide cleaner and safer indoor air, enhance indoor comfort, and reduce commercial building HVAC energy use. This approach has been demonstrated to reduce HVAC energy use by an average of 69% when compared to a code-minimum version of the existing equipment (often a packaged rooftop unit).

Very high efficiency DOAS consists of the following key elements:

  1. A high efficiency HRV/ERV that features 82% or greater sensible effectiveness.
  2. High-performance heating and cooling system that meets ENERGY STAR® performance standards.
  3. Ventilation fully separated from heating and cooling.
  4. Right-sized heating and cooling equipment.

To learn more about very high efficiency DOAS, including through case studies, research, and technical guides, visit: https://betterbricks.com/solut...

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