Oregon Department of Transportation Drives Up HVAC Savings and Indoor Air Quality

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When the Oregon Department of Transportation (ODOT) moved their construction administration personnel into the 1956 Barlow Building they knew that the aging HVAC system was not well-suited for the new occupancy. After years with no air conditioning and high energy bills, ODOT began an HVAC upgrade by installing three mini-split heat pump units to provide heating and cooling to select offices. Satisfied with the improvements to their building’s comfort and efficiency, ODOT went on to add six more heat pumps throughout the building.

ODOT later installed a high efficiency energy-recovery ventilator that nearly eliminated the ventilation load and provided the precise amount of ventilation air required by any occupancy level. Combined with the heat pumps, the new HVAC system (also known as very high efficiency DOAS) helped ODOT move on from their inefficient boiler system, maximize energy and money savings, and improve indoor air quality and comfort.

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