Video: New-School HVAC Approach Improves Comfort and Air Quality for K-12 Students

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Rural Elementary School Seeks Healthier, More Comfortable Learning Environment

Motivated to improve the air quality and thermal comfort of their elementary school while reducing monthly energy costs, school administrators of Monument Grade School in Monument, Ore., sought a new HVAC solution.

The single-story building was built in 1965 and heated by 25-year-old heat pumps supplemented by multiple space heaters in each classroom during the winter. Other than operable windows, ventilation in the classrooms was provided by manually controlled exhaust fans operated by teaching staff when rooms became stuffy. These previous exhaust fans let in uncontrolled and unconditioned air, leading to inconsistent thermal comfort and sub-optimal indoor air quality for students, teachers and staff. This, combined with a desire to reduce their monthly energy costs, compelled the school’s administrators to seek out an advanced HVAC approach that could fulfill all their HVAC needs in one fell swoop.

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