Lewis & Clark Student Center Blazes New Trail to HVAC Efficiency

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Portland college furthers their sustainability commitment with a highly efficient HVAC system.

When it came time to renovate the Stephanie Fowler Student Center, the administrators at Lewis & Clark College in Portland, Ore., placed sustainability front and center. Designed to be the “heart of the campus” according to Lewis & Clark president Robin Holmes-Sullivan, the renovation designs included the most efficient HVAC system available to provide optimal thermal comfort for the newly constructed third floor of the building, a 6,370 sq. ft. multipurpose area that includes a conference room, two meeting rooms, and a technology classroom.

With all options on the table, Lewis & Clark College determined that the very high efficiency dedicated outdoor air system (very high efficiency DOAS) would provide their students, faculty, and staff with enhanced comfort and healthy air, while reducing energy use by more than half, when compared to a standard, code-minimum HVAC approach.

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