Free Presentation: Everything You Need to Know About the Fan Energy Index

Federal commercial and industrial fan efficiency regulations are coming soon and state codes will become increasingly more stringent. To help building professionals stay ahead of the curve, the Air Movement and Control Association International, Inc. developed the most accurate fan efficiency metric to date. Known as the Fan Energy Index (FEI), this metric helps specifiers understand fan efficiency far more accurately than the previous Fan Efficiency Grade (FEG) metric allowed. FEG is an outdated single-point metric that considered only a bare-shaft-fan’s power at peak total efficiency, offering very little understanding of the fan’s actual energy use. FEI, on the other hand, provides far more insight by considering fan and motor efficiency at a specific airflow and pressure operating point.

By using FEI, specifiers can now confidently choose more efficient fans to meet and surpass existing code and upcoming federal standard requirements. FEI is already included in ASHRAE 90.1-2019 and state codes. Building professionals can start using FEI now to select more efficient fans which save energy in almost any commercial and industrial fan application.

To learn more about the history, best practices, trends, and opportunities related to FEI, watch this presentation from Twin City Fan Companies, LTD, a group of companies that manufacture the full spectrum of air-moving equipment.

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