Washington State University (WSU) Energy Program


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Description: The WSU Energy Program provides support and information for Resource Efficiency Managers (REMs) or Resource Conservation Managers (RCMs). A REM or RCM is a designated individual acquired by an agency to support its energy and resource efficiency program. The sole focus the REM or RCM is to bring about reductions in the cost of energy, water, natural gas, fuel oil, refuse disposal, and any other utilities. This is done through improved use practices, greater attention to utility billings and rate structures, and the installation and use of resource-management equipment.

Seminars and Workshops: Scheduled trainings can be found atwww.energy.wsu.edu/EventsTrainings.aspx. 

Additional training opportunities in energy-efficiency topics can be found at www.energyideas.org.

Format: Classroom-based training

Certification: None


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