How to Reduce Emissions in Buildings: Getting Ahead of Future Regulation

Energy codes, City policy, carbon fees, and public opinion are shifting from a focus on energy efficiency to a focus on climate impacts. With the potential for passing I-1631 in 2018 and other regulations on the horizon, building owners, cities, and utilities have new motivations to focus on deep energy retrofits. Our expert speaker from Ecotope, Jon Heller, will discuss what investments will matter most in reducing the carbon emissions of the existing building stock, and the case for eliminating carbon entirely from the fuel that powers your building.

Jon Heller, Engineer, Ecotope. Jonathan Heller has over 30 years of experience providing design, research, and consulting on energy and resource efficiency in the built environment. Mr. Heller’s research has provided the technical basis for the development of regional energy codes and energy conservation programs. He provides consulting services to local developers, architects, universities, and housing authorities, as well as regional utilities and municipalities. Mr. Heller’s mechanical engineering design work has focused on integration of emerging energy efficient technologies in highly efficient commercial and multifamily buildings.


Day & Time

  • Day & Time: November 6, 7:30 AM - 9:00 AM


  • 200 112th Avenue Northeast, #300, Bellevue, WA 98004
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