Energy Savings from Smarter Pump Systems – Easy Upgrades for Big Savings [Virtual]

Pumps are an often overlooked, seemingly small component of a commercial building, they offer big opportunities for energy savings and reliable, convenient building operation for happy tenants.

Presenters will focus on emerging opportunities to save energy in pumps serving hydronic heating, domestic hot water recirculation, and pressure boosting systems using New Smart Pumps. The energy savings translate to real reductions in operating costs, providing an attractive ROI, and boosting net operating income, all without compromising performance.

Presenters include:

Hurley Engineering, a major distributor of commercial HVAC equipment in the Northwest, and Grundfos, an innovative manufacturer of pump products, will also present on new opportunities to slash annual operating costs in pressure booster or HVAC systems using integrated skids of multiple pump products managed by a single intelligent controller, offering an innovative solution to a very costly problem that plagues most tall buildings.


Day & Time

  • Day & Time: October 28, 12:00 PM - 8:00 PM