Code Dependent: Resilience Rebound or Rebuild

Resiliency is more than just disaster preparedness and mitigation of effects. Material and design choices affect your facility’s response to extreme events but also have effects upon the building occupants and the community whether an event occurs or not. In a very practical sense, resiliency involves designing for the community of fifty years from now as well as the extreme weather event of this winter or the earthquake of some unknown future date. In this half-day seminar, we will discuss a more “panoramic” approach to building and community design for resiliency. We will discuss traditional hazard preparedness and mitigation but surround these with topics that support and help in the creation of resilient buildings and communities.

Everyone in the AEC industry has a part to play in providing resilient facilities. This seminar reviews some of the tools, resources and rating systems available to help in that process. The design strategy taken and material and system choices you make affect the ability of users and facilities to rebound after an event. We will review some of the choices you can make to build a more resilient community.

Class credit: 4 LU, HSW

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Day & Time

  • Day & Time: October 23, 12:00 PM - 4:30 PM


  • AIA Seattle


  • Seattle City Hall - Bertha Knight Landes Room
  • 600 FOURTH AVE, Seattle, WA 98104
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