SEMP Tools & Resources

Assessment Tools(see SEMP Step 1)

ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager
Compares the current energy use of your facility to other similar hospitals. Use it to "score" your hospital's energy performance, and to estimate energy savings and carbon reductions.

Energy Practice Checklist
This tool involves gathering information for your SEMP on current energy management practices and how they could be improved. The information will be used to develop your SEMP.

Planning Tools (see SEMP Step 2,Step 3 and Step 4)

Think Like Your Hospital Executives
Tips and strategies from hospital facility directors on getting executives' attention and asking concisely and convincingly for what you want.

The Business Imperative for Sustainability: The Seven Critical Success Factors
Identifies seven critical success factors for maximizing sustainable resource management planning, development, implementation and success.

SEMP Template and Workplan
Use this tool to develop your organization's Strategic Energy Management Plan.

Sample Executive SEMP Presentation (PowerPoint download)
Use this as a template to develop your own executive presentation to obtain SEMP approval

Financial Tools (see SEMP Step 5)

Life-Cycle Cost Analysis Versus Simple Payback: Why, When, How
This tool includes a discussion of the advantages and disadvantages of LCCA versus SPB. Also provides guidelines on when to use SPB and LCCA.

LCCA Spreadsheet

For simpler Life-Cycle Cost Analysis, use this spreadsheet.

A web-based tool for a more complex life-cycle cost analysis.

Guide to Optimizing Your Hospital Facility Investments
A detailed guide to understanding and applying LCCA plus a range of financing options.

Purchasing Tools (see SEMP Step 5)

Setting Up an Energy Efficient Purchasing (EEP) Process
This tool will help you determine who needs to be involved, how to set priorities, communicating with staff, sample policy language.

Energy Efficient Equipment Purchasing Guidelines
Covers over 20 energy-related types of equipment. Includes "no brainers" for cost-effective purchases, tips and cautions for purchase and application, and recommended specification content.

Air Filter Comparison CalculatorandChiller Total Cost of Ownership Calculator
These tools help you and your vendors work together to choose the equipment that meets your needs at the lowest Total Cost of Ownership.

Operations & Maintenance Tools (see SEMP Step 5)

Top Five No Cost / Low Cost Energy Savings Opportunities
Cost reductions from tune-ups of energy related systems and improved operations and maintenance practices in hospitals typically garner 10-20% energy cost reductions. With a return on investment of 150-300%, these measures can quickly save energy and reduce costs.

What is Enhanced Operations and Maintenance?
This brief overview compares the features of conventional O&M and enhanced O&M.

Better Building Operations
The building operations portion of the BetterBricks web site has information for both building operators and service providers.

Design & Construction Tools (see SEMP Step 5)

Guide to the Design and Construction of High Performance Hospitals
Describes why and how to use "Integrated Design" as a technique and process essential to helping achieve high performance facilities on time, within budget and with less risk.

Sample Request for Qualifications and Proposal for Hospital Facility Development
Download and adapt next time you need to hire architectural / engineering services for new hospital facility development.

High Performance Building Design Charrette and Sample Agenda
How-to-guide on organizing and running a design charrette. Helps define what it is, when it should occur, who should participate, role of the owner, and desired outcomes. Includes a sample charrette agenda.

Taking a Strategic Approach to Capital Upgrades
This tool gives key recommendations to help you optimize overall energy savings, financial returns, and other benefits.

Green Guide to Healthcare (GGHC)
The GGHC's structure is borrowed by agreement from the U.S. Green Building Council's LEED program but is self-certifying and tailored for healthcare.

Staff and Public Awareness Tools (see SEMP Step 5)

Communications Quick Sheet
Tested practices to engage staff in activities that save energy, conserve water, and reduce waste.

Additional Resources to help with Staff and Public Awareness


Tracking & Recognition Tools (see Step 6)

ENERGY STAR® Portfolio Manager
See Assessment Tools. Use to establish a baseline score and then re-score annually to track progress.

Energy Practice Checklist
See assessment Tools. Track progress change with this tool.

Software Tools
For utility bill tracking, benchmarking, and trend logging at the building operations portion of the BetterBricks site.

The Carrot Principle
Adrian Gostick and Chester Elton. Free Press (Simon + Schuster) 2007. Talks about the importance of recognition and rewards in motivating staff.

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