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Project Overview
  • Owner: Idaho Central Credit Union
  • Location: Chubbuck, Idaho
  • Size: 68,000 Square Feet
  • Completion Date: August 2007
  • Utilities: Idaho Power Co., Intermountain Gas Co.

The Idaho Central Credit Union (ICCU) Headquarters, in Eastern Idaho, is an excellent example of an energy efficient and well daylit office building. Top executives at ICCU and LCA Architects agreed early in programming phases to include daylight in a substantial manner in the new building to create a pleasant, healthy and professional environment. The owner-designer team exhibited the willingness to challenge conventional design assumptions and investigate design principles and technologies that would prove to benefit the entire project.

The design team mined energy savings by considering not only technological improvements but design improvements as well. The team employed integrated design principles that allowed successful implementation of alternative thermal comfort strategies, increased controllability of systems, and proper building orientation combined with strategic shading elements and daylight harvesting. Energy reduction measures were thoughtfully considered from the earliest design stages and the details were well executed in the final product, including careful furniture and position design for good daylight penetration and commissioning of lighting and air delivery systems.

Idaho Power was an important partner in this project in that they provided incentives for efficiency measures that were identified during the integrated design process like daylight photo controls, occupancy sensors, and high performance windows.

The building’s modeled Energy Use Index (EUI) is 67.2 kBTU / FT²•YR* as compared to an average office building in Idaho at 89.3 kBTU / FT²•YR.** The reduction in energy use offsets approximately 331 tons of CO2 per year and is equivalent to removing 64 cars from the road per year. ***

The ICCU Headquarters is located in Chubbuck, Idaho and is a major employer in the economy of Eastern Idaho. With a total of 68,000 square feet, made up of four floors, this building significantly increased the visual presence of ICCU as well as provided much needed room for corporate growth. The building employs a raised floor system that expedited data and power runs during construction, provides employees with optimum electrical outlet and supply air placement, and is easy to reconfigure. ICCU has a healthy high performance building that was completed on budget and provides a solid foundation for continued growth.

Page notes:
* Energy Model for LEED certification performed by design team
** Based upon USEPA© Target Finder for Idaho
*** Based upon USEPA© @ 5.2 tons of CO2/car•year

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