O&M Best Practices

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Mechanical equipment in buildings, such as boilers, air-handling units, and motors varies greatly in age, size, type, model, fuel used, and condition. Operating and maintaining that equipment properly ensures that it uses energy as efficiently as possible. Our objective here is to present the following types of information about the major equipment that accounts for a large fraction of your energy bill:

  • Key components and operating principles
  • Safety issues
  • Best practices for efficient operation
  • Best practices for maintenance

The material in this section has been compiled from a number of sources. The recommendations for best practices focus on energy-efficient operation and are not a comprehensive guide to equipment operation and maintenance. The operating logs and maintenance schedules we provide are not intended to replace activities specifically recommended by your equipment vendors or manufacturers. In most cases, they represent industry-standard best practices for the given equipment and are intended to supplement existing O&M procedures. As a rule, manufacturers' recommendations for operating and maintaining equipment should take precedence.

Actions and activities recommended in this guide should only be attempted by trained and certified personnel. If such personnel are not available, the actions recommended here should not be initiated.

Select one of the equipment types below to learn more about its key components and best practices for its energy-efficient operation and maintenance.

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